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Barefoot water skiing is an extreme game! The thrill and adrenaline is formidable – and so is the risk of injury. This is, why professional learning and training is essential in this sport.


Just as in classic water skiing barefoot skiing classifies in three disciplines: jumping, tricks and slalom. In “footing” the tow boat´s pulling speed is higher, the contact surface to the water smaller than in other water ski disciplines. And this is, what makes the issue delicate, the falls harder and, for many of us, the curiosity even greater.


Barefoot skiing requires calmness, contentration, techical correctness and a good attitude. A large ski still forgives you many mistakes, when bare feet already have shown you the plain thruth: In barefooting an incorrect posture leads to a fall sooner, falls are harder and therefor throws you farther back than in any other water ski discipline. This is, why at Barefoot Etc. training beginns mentally. First, we build up the mentality for the individual learning step, then the skier can go for it.


Each learning step will be explained technically with every little detail about it. And it will be trained on land before the student goes on the water, so the first mistakes can be eliminated even before done.


To guarantee maximum safty we use a barefoot boom for training. Further more, Barefoot Etc. carries its own jumping ramp. Our tow boat is a Sanger DXII, 330 Black Scorpion and is approved for barefoot, slalom and wakeboard world championships.


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