Wakeboard - Wakeboarding - Florida - Trianing camp - Barefoot Etc. USA - Robert Teurezbacher - Coaching






Wakeboarding is cool! This trick skiing and surfing combining sport is one of the youngest disciplines of water ski sports at which, in addition to sportive aspects, creativity and style are most important – this also applies to the shorties, of course ;-).


On a wakeboard you can perform jumps up to two meter, flips and twists. The pulling speed is between 22 and 26mph, depending on weight and technique of the wakeboarder.


Barefoot Etc. does not provide ramps, but – between you and me – the dock reaches out in the water quite a lot …


Our tow boat is a Sanger DXII, 330 Black Scorpion and is approved for barefoot, slalom and wakeboard world championships.

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